Case Study: Home Office

Solution Lead for Post Room Automation and CRM Integration Solution

I was directly approached by the Home Office to lead the design and implementation of a multi-million pound solution to process 800,000 paper documents every year into an online repository linked to Oracle CRM, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Purchasing and iExpenses. I was responsible for designing and building a series of modules to communicate between the new document repository and the Oracle system, which involved managing the relationship between the client and two different third party software and hardware providers.

Client feedback

Matt is a first class Oracle Developer in both his technical design ability and his attention to detail. Able to work with users and customer groups to assess needs and then translate this into a technical requirement and build. When needed, Matt certainly was not afraid to ‘crank the handle’ to get the results in short timescales. A pleasure to work with.

The Home Office (HO) is a ministerial department of the Her Majesty’s Government of the United Kingdom, responsible for immigration, security, and law and order. As such it is responsible for the police, British Visas and Immigration, and the Security Service (MI5). Based at a range of sites throughout the UK, the Home Office employs over 27,000 permanent members of staff and has a departmental budget in the region of £10 billion each year.