About Us

Rainbow Sheep Consulting is an exciting and dynamic company providing strategic IT consultancy. From our base in north-west England, we deliver a good value, expert consulting service to customers worldwide.

We specialise in implementations where Oracle has been selected as the database, delivering Oracle Applications (CRM and ERP) solutions as well as bespoke software solutions using Oracle database technology. Our consultants can provide a range of technical and analytical skills to deliver services from systems analysis and solution design through to application development and database administration.

In working with Rainbow Sheep, you gain our

  • In-depth knowledge of Oracle
  • Extensive implementation experience
  • Independence
  • Proven track record of delivering projects

Led by Matthew Searle, formerly a Principal Consultant with Oracle, Rainbow Sheep Consulting has many years of Oracle development and implementation experience and extensive exposure to Oracle Workflow. Matthew has been responsible for writing and delivering Workflow training courses for a number of companies and public sector organisations, including Oracle UK.

Examples and case studies from our extensive client list can be found here.

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Why did we call ourselves Rainbow Sheep Consulting?

These days there are many sheep out there who are content to blindly follow the person in front of them. To do the same thing over and over again without considering what the individual requirements of the situation are. To merely tread the same path as others without putting in the time, thought and effort that a good business partner provides.

Nobody wants to be working with a company that hasn’t got the drive to understand your uniqueness, and nobody wants to work with the black sheep of the family either.

You need to work with creative individuals who stand out from the crowd. You need to work with expert consultants who are known for providing innovate solutions to complicated problems, who you can rely on to deliver the best solution to meet your Oracle needs.

You need to work with Rainbow Sheep.